Laboratory of Archaeometry (FEK A/177, 3/09/1999)

The establishment of the Laboratory of Archaeometry serves the research and educational needs in the cognitive field of Archaeometry in relation to the fields of science and humanities (eg physics, geophysics, geology, mathematics, art history, archaeology, Paleoanthropology, environment and man), contributing to the identification of archaeological materials and monuments using suitable methodology, techniques and instruments in dating, analysis, provenance, but also through theseit contributes to the study of physical, geophysical and environmental phenomena in general, outdoors or in the laboratory, leading to the more accurate study of human evolution and culture.

The goals of the Laboratory of Archaeometry are:

A) to cover teaching and research needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department of Mediterranean Studies in general and specific issues, related to the study of ancient cultures, art history and human evolution, focusing mainly on the Mediterranean,

B) the participation in inter-university partnerships at national and international level ,

C) the development of teaching and research programs with graduate students based on the subjects that the laboratory is dealing with, as well as, relative subjects from other departments and departmental courses,

D) the coordination of programs related to student learning activities and practices and their functional interconnection from the scientific and administrative point of view,

E) research on issues related to teaching and research subjects of the Laboratory,

F) to cover the needs of teaching and research of joint inter-university cooperation in which the University of the Aegean participates, such as the ERASMUS Program and other EU programs,

G) the development of new research projects on methodology, theory, scientific and technical development on related fields, especially in the inter-university European Community,

H) cooperation in all forms, scientific, educational, investigative, operational, contractual or otherwise, with all the Greek and foreign research centers, academic institutions, scientific and technical and other entities, as long as scientific goals coincide, are similar or complementary to those of the laboratory in the spirit of reciprocity, integrated interdisciplinary approach and collective work,

I) the creation of theoretical and technological infrastructure and the overall contribution to the most comprehensive teaching on the subjects of the laboratory of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean.

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“Kleovoulos” Campus Building
Dept. of Mediterranean Studies
University of the Aegean
1, Dimokratias Avenue
85132 Rhodes, Greece


Professor Manolis I. Stefanakis
Tel.: +30 22410 99340

Dr. Asimina Vafiadou
Archaeology and Natural Sciences
(Specialized Research & Teaching Staff)
Tel: +30 22410 99385-6