Assessment Methods

Course assessment can have the following forms:

  • Final Written examination
  • Final Oral examination
  • Written assignment/s during semester
  • Written or oral test/s during semester
  • Any combination of the above

The course instructor will determine the method and the process of assessment.

An oral examination can be provided, in case of special educational needs, certified by the authorities (e.g., dyslexia or any other learning difficulty).

Students that have failed a course more than three times, have the right to be assessed again, by a committee of three course instructors, which does not include the instructor of the particular course. The committee is appointed by the Faculty Dean upon request by the student.


Grading System

Assessment is expressed on a scale of zero (0) to ten (10). Grade five (5) is the minimum for successful course attendance.

Approximately a week after completion of the exam period, grades are registered in the electronic student registry ( Precise dates for grade announcement regarding each semester are specified yearly in the academic calendar of the Institution.