Programme Overview

This Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme specialises in the analysis and teaching of language as first, second/foreign. It aims to go deeper into a range of issues related to language analysis and provide insight concerning the teaching of the first, second/foreign or heritage languages. It utilises knowledge on language analysis, comparison and contrast, the teaching of language, language diversity, second language teaching, providing theoretical and methodological tools for the development of skills that focus on language teaching.

The content of the Programme covers the most recent approaches to the analysis of the grammatical structure and the textual dimension of language. It also covers the recent approaches to language teaching. These approaches concern the structural as well as the functional dimensions of the language and relate to different needs in teaching first, second/foreign or heritage languages in a variety of audiences (elementary and secondary education, adult classes etc.), which is an element of innovation of this Programme.

In addition, the Programme utilises the information technologies into the analysis and teaching of language phenomena and texts in both live and distance learning environments. Special emphasis is placed upon the analysis and teaching of Greek and other SE Mediterranean languages (for instance, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish).

The Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme offers Pedagogical and Teaching Certification to its Diploma holders.


Secretary of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme
“Analysis and Teaching of First and Second/Foreign Language”

Sevasti Efstathiou
Tel: +30 22410 99060
Contact us: Daily 08:30-13:30


See the extension of the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.

See the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.