The Department of Mediterranean Studies in cooperation with the Department of the Environment and the Department of Product and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean is organizing and running a postgraduate course with the title “Applied Archaeological Science”, commencing in the academic year 2016 (January 2016), which will be taught in Greek and/or English, according to the regulations of law no. 75423/B7/7.11.2014 (GG 302, T.B’), the regulations of law N.3685/2008 and more specifically article 6 (GG 148, T.A’, 16-7-2008) of the ‘Institutional framework for Postgraduate Studies” as they were modified according to regulations of article 24 of Ν.3696/2008 (GG 177, T.Α΄, 25−8−2008), of article 27 of the law Ν. 3794/2009 (GG 156, T.Α΄, 04−9−2009) as well as article 37, paragraph 5 of N. 3848/2010 (GG 71 T.Α΄), and the Rules of Procedure of the University of the Aegean, the decisions of the General Assembly of the Department of Mediterranean Studies, of the Senate of the University of the Aegean and the articles of the above mentioned Regulations.

Field of study and objectives of this postgraduate course

1. The objective of this postgraduate course is the scientific specialization in “applied archaeological sciences” and more specifically the training of executives who have specialised in research and applications, in cultural heritage through science and technology. This interdisciplinary studies course would interest:
i) educators and professionals in the field of education,
ii) executives of organizations and enterprises of the public and private sector who are involved in archaeology and cultural heritage,
iii) scientists/researchers in the field of sciences or/and humanities, who are interested in the implementation of programs of virtual archaeology, museology, cultural tourism, development projects of archaeological interest and the completion of a doctorate degree.

2. Objectives of this postgraduate course:
i) On a theoretical basis, our objectives are the production and communication of scientific knowledge in the fields of contemporary applied technology and in lifelong learning archaeology. Additionally, educating new graduates and adults in electronic education, in the methodology used in scientific research in the field of archaeometry, in digital archaeology, cyber-archaeology, on the basic principles of conservation and management of antiquities.

ii) On the basis of professional practice, our objectives are the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for the development and implementation of prototype archaeological programs and digital heritage in education, for applications in the society of information, for educational programs and lifelong learning programs (training, professional development) through the application of the most advanced methods and practices by using the most recent advances in the field of technology. Additionally, one will be taught management and conservation of archaeological findings so as to utilize them in the research, documentation and elevation for the local, regional and international sustainable development, as well as all the educational procedures needed for the utilization of the cultural monuments of ancient cultures and their cultural heritage, with the use of contemporary approaches to the excavations, the theoretical construction/interpretation and finally, the interdisciplinary study of the findings via the natural sciences and modern digital technology.

How will I be taught, where and when.

i) Lessons will be partly taught by using new advanced technology and the electronic platform online, as in person, on specific dates in Rhodes. A ten-day practical training for the hands-on teaching of techniques will be held at the archaeological site in Dephi.
ii) Internationally recognized faculty staff, Greek and foreign, will be teaching this course. The courses will be taught in Greek and in English by foreign professors.
iii) The course will commence in January 2016, and the announcement for the submission of applications by candidates begins on the 31st of August 2015. However, one may informally register one’s interest during spring semester 2015.
iv) Fees amount to the sum of 3.000 euro in total for all three semesters.
v) The dissertation may be carried out in research laboratories with which the University of the Aegean is currently cooperating or with a network of university laboratories in the whole country, upon consultation with Professor I.Liritzis.

Contact details:
Prof. Ioannis Liritzis (,
Dr. Asimina Vafiadou, (