Programme Overview

The M.A. programme “Archeology of the Eastern Mediterranean” aims at the development and transmission of knowledge, research methodologies and tools in the field of archeology, Egyptology, ancient history and cross-cultural contacts in the eastern Mediterranean from prehistoric times to Late Antiquity. The programme provides specialized research knowledge, cultivates critical and analytical thinking and develops scientific approaches to various aspects of the eastern Mediterranean antiquity. The students are trained to critically analyse and evaluate the primary and secondary sources and to develop the scientific methodology for conducting original research.

The programme also enhances the practical application of the provided archaeological theory. The students are actively involved in the various research and archaeological projects of the Archaeology Direction and the research Laboratories of the Department of Mediterranean Studies by activating theories, techniques, strategies and methodological approaches that relate primarily to the research objectives and interests of the Programme. With the completion of the programme the student will have formed the profile of a contemporary researcher.

The Director of the M.A. Programme
Professor Panagiotis Kousoulis

Secretary of the Postgraduate Programme 
“Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean”

Tel: 22410 99370
Office hours: Weekdays from 8:30 to 16:00

See the extension of the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.

See the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.