Nektarios Zarras has been Senior Visiting Lecturer at the Universities of Patras and of the Aegean. He was an Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Fellow (2016-2018) at the University of Münster working on the Identity and Patronage in Byzantium and currently holds a position as Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean. In 2013 he was awarded the “Maria Theochari” Grant by the Christian Archaeological Society (Greece) for the publication of his Doctoral Thesis, The Iconographic Cycle of the Eothina Gospel Lections in Palaiologan Monumental Painting of the Balkan Peninsula (Thessaloniki 2011) and in the summer of the same year he was Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks. His research focuses on epigraphic material (dedicatory inscriptions) and patronage from Macedonia and the islands, on excavation finds, on the Middle and Late Byzantine painting and texts in Constantinople, Greece, Cyprus and Serbia.
Name: Asimina Vafiadou
Post: Specialized Research and Teaching Staff

Research Interests: Study of the properties and dating of rock material, Archaeological or geological, and archaeological ceramics

Office: Archaeometry Laboratory, Kleovoulos building, 1 Dimokratias Av., 85100, Rhodes, Greece

Phone: (+30) 22410 99386


Fax: (+30) 22410 99320

Short CV

Name: Maria Melissourgou

Expertise: Applied Linguistics

Post: Specialised Research and Teaching Staff (Gov. Gazette Γ’ 1169/23.07.2020)

Research Interests: Specialised Corpora, Genre Analysis, English for Special Purposes (Academic/Professional (EAP, ESP), Stylistics, Intercultural Pragmatics.

Courses in DMS:

  • Text Linguistics
  • Terminology Issues in Linguistics (in English)
  • Research Methodology in Linguistics
  • Digital Technologies in Education
  • Corpus Processing (co-teaching)
  • Computational Linguistics (co-teaching)

Office: ‘Kleovoulos’ building, 1 Dimokratias Av., 85132, Rhodes, Greece


Short CV