The postgraduate course “Political, Economic and International Relations in the Mediterranean” is replaced by the postgraduate course “Governance, Security and Development in the Mediterranean”, effective since the academic year 2014-2015.


The Department of Mediterranean Studies has been offering the postgraduate course “Political, Economic and International Relations in the Mediterranean”, since the academic year 2004-2005, according to regulations number 24518/B7 of the ministerial decree (GG 753/19.05.2004).

This postgraduate course focuses on:

  1. the changing relationship of the Mediterranean subsystem in connection to the international and European environment
  2. the role of international and regional operators in the broader Mediterranean basin
  3. the study of political, economic and social problems which arise in the sensitive area of the Mediterranean
  4. the analysis of “traditional” conflicts and controversy as well as contemporary threats and security challenges
  5. the position and role of Greece in the broader Mediterranean basin

The course duration for the acquisition of this diploma is set to four (4) semesters. The first three consist of taught modules whereas the fourth is dedicated to the writing of a dissertation, which is obligatory and a prerequisite for the completion of the programme. A scholarship and honorary titles are awarded to the three students who graduate first in their class, upon completion of their studies.

Graduates from the following institutions are accepted in this postgraduate course: Universities and Divisions of International studies, European Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Law, Political Studies, Economic Studies, History, Public Administration from Greek or recognized overseas institutions. Additionally, graduates from Technological Educational Institutes of a related field, corresponding to the above can be accepted, in accordance with the prerequisites of the article 16 of the law 2327/1995, as are graduates from Military Academies. These applicants however must submit a detailed description of the syllabus of courses which they were taught, along with their application form.