Programme Overview

The Department of Mediterranean Studies organizes and runs the Postgraduate Studies Programme titled “Ancient Theatre: Educational and Literary Approaches”, which leads to the degree of Master of Arts in: “Ancient Theatre: Educational and Literary Approaches”.


The Postgraduate Studies Programme aims to promote study and advanced research in the field of archaeology and more specifically, to deepen and analyze the Ancient Greek Theatre, the political and social dimensions that emerge through the research, exploitation, interpretation, memorization of literary sources and other aspects of antiquity.

It also aims to seek and decodify by means of both traditional methods and modern methodological trends and approaches, the political, social, educational norms and values ​​of Ancient Greek Theatre.

Moreover, its targets include: providing of specialized research knowledge, developing critical and analytical thinking, developing an academic approach to Ancient Greek Theater issues, train students to critically elaborate primary and secondary sources, as well as to develop secondary sources, scientific methodology for the conduct of research and the exploitation of Ancient Greek Theater in the context of didactic implementation.


The normative duration of the said Postgraduate Studies Programme is 18 months/90 ECTS.

The first two semesters include lecturing and the third is dedicated to writing a Master’s Thesis. The teaching methodology includes three compulsory living sessions per semester, scheduled from the start of the academic year, as well as modern videoconferencing by means of the Big Blue Button e-learning /virtual classroom system and the Moodle asynchronous education platform of the University of Aegean.

This Postgraduate Studies Programme is intended for graduates of all University Faculties related to the subjects of Humanities, Pedagogy, Social Sciences and/or Political Science of domestic or foreign Universities.

The number of admissions is set to a maximum of forty (40) postgraduate students per year.

The Director of the Postgraduate Programme
Professor Spyros Syropoulos


Secretary of the Postgraduate Programme
“Ancient Theatre: Educational and Literary Approaches”

Tel: 22410 99375
Office hours: Weekdays from 8:30 to 16:00


See the extension of the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.

See the call for expression of interest 2022-23 here.