Graduates Testimonials

Athina Lioliou Testimonial

When I was not even eighteen years old I chose to study at the Department of […]

Lazaros Kirilidis Testimonial

Studying in the Department of Mediterranean Studies and especially in the direction of Linguistics of […]

Erjus Mezini Testimonial

My attendance at the University of the Aegean in Rodos satisfied my expectations to the fullest. […]

Panos Kourgiotis Testimonial

My years at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, from 2001 to 2005, could be characterized as […]

Elpida Kokkota Testimonial

My name is Elpida and I am the chairwoman of the non-profit organization MeXOXO of California, […]

Testimonial Kasviki Panagiota-Maria

My name is Kasviki Panagiota-Maria and I am a graduate of the Department of Mediterranean Studies […]