The mission of the Department of Mediterranean Studies, as it is clearly described in the presidential decree 316(GG, 223A, 4/11/97) is “the cultivation and promotion of the language, the ancient and modern history, the ancient culture, the economic and political structures of the countries of the Mediterranean, with emphasis on the southern and southeastern Mediterranean.”

Thus, its main aim is to give prominence to the area of the Mediterranean, especially its southeastern peak, as the object of interdisciplinary approach. This is accomplished through the systematic study of its ancient cultures and languages of the area (as far as its structure and its historic evolution is concerned) as also through the examination of the political, social and economic development of the Mediterranean countries and their transnational relations.

In this context, the programme of studies has the following objectives:

  • To offer advanced education of high quality in the scientific fields of Archaeology, Linguistics and International Relations according to internationally accepted standards.
  • To develop an interdisciplinary approach for the study of the southeastern Mediterranean, its peoples, cultures and transnational relations which have developed and are still developing.
  • To contribute to the promotion of Mediterranean Studies as a distinct field of study (Area Studies).
  • To apply new technologies in teaching and evaluation as well as in research.
  • To cultivate knowledge, skills and an attitude which would allow students a) to cope in a competitive working environment, b) to continue their studies to a postgraduate level and c) to be capable of following the changes in the area of the Mediterranean.

The primary goal of the Department’s academic staff is as always, the promotion, through contemporary interdisciplinary approaches, of high quality education in all three fields of study which the Department offers, that is Archaeology, Linguistics and International Relations with the aspiration to accomplish the creation of a scientific workforce which will know and recognize the complex political, economic and social reality of the Mediterranean in a comprehensive manner, so as to effectively respond to the domestic and international labour market.