The subjects of the theses are characterized by an exceptionally high standard of originality and focus on a variety of often unexplored fields of the Mediterranean Studies.

Phd Candidate selection procedure

The procedure for the selection of a Phd candidate is as follows:

  1. The candidate should submit an application with all the required documents at the school’s administration office. The documents required are the candidate’s CV, copies of degree certificates, a photocopy of his/her Identification Card, a thesis proposal accompanied by the relevant bibliography as well as any additional data considered relevant which will strengthen his/her candidacy (scientific articles, assignments).
  2. The submitted file with the attached documents, the thesis proposal and the CV is then evaluated.
  3. The positively or negatively inclined supervising professor then presents the thesis proposal to the General Assembly in its Special Composition. In some cases the revaluation of the proposal is requested so as to give the candidate adequate time to redefine the topic as best as possible.
  4. In the case of a positive evaluation from the General Assembly of the Department, the applicant is called upon so as to be registered as a Phd candidate of the Department.

The selection criteria are as follows: For the holders of a postgraduate degree from the Department of Mediterranean Studies, an application for the position of a Phd candidate is initially required, accompanied by a detailed CV and copies of all diplomas. The thesis topic selected by the candidate must be stated in the application, which should fall in the general fields of research of the candidate’s supervising professor who is a member of faculty of the department.

Additionally, the candidate submits a draft of his/her research proposal, the contents of which is presented in detail. The General Assembly in its Special Composition is responsible for the outcome of the selection process.

For the holders of postgraduate degrees from other Greek or recognized overseas institutions, the submission of a related application is required.
The required documents are the following:

  1. An application for a thesis proposal (provided by the administration office)
  2. A detailed CV
  3. Certified copies of degree certificates (bachelor or postgraduate degree). In the case of overseas institutions, an official translation to Greek is required as is the recognition of equivalence of foreign diplomas by (Hellenic NARIC.
  4. Certified copies of the official university transcript (document that contains a record of all marks and an overall class mark) of the bachelor and postgraduate courses that the applicant has completed.
  5. A recognized certificate of competency in English (GG 115/9.6.2006)
  6. Copies of any scientific publications in journals or books, conference proceedings, studies, research project reports, monographs e.t.c. or anything relevant which, in the applicant’s opinion, would contribute to the creation of his/her complete scientific and research profile.

Apart from the above necessary documents, each applicant is obliged to submit “A draft of the thesis proposal”. The draft should include the following information:

  1. Specification of the proposed thesis topic and the broader field of study in which it falls.
  2. A general outline of the proposed thesis topic.
  3. Specification of the purpose and the individual objectives of the proposed topic (Key research questions or issues to be addressed, theoretical assumptions which will be studied).
  4. Presentation of original ideas on the proposed subject.
  5. Evaluation of expected outcomes.
  6. Proposed methodology which will be followed.
  7. Indicative bibliography.

Greek Phd candidates should be proficient in the English language whereas foreign candidates should be proficient in Greek. The knowledge of a second foreign language is to one’s advantage as is the level of computer skills.