When I was not even eighteen years old I chose to study at the Department of Mediterranean Studies at the University of the Aegean at Rhodes. My desire on following studies that related to the archaeology of the Mediterranean world was more than clear to me. So, I entered the particular Department which offers the possibility to the students to understand the development of the civilizations that located the sites of the Mediterranean basin from the prehistoric years up to nowadays. Futhermore, this education offers the ability to the students to conduct research on human behavior of the ancient times at which, under my supervisors’ recommendation and at the same time with my postgraduate education at the University of Crete, I started working on, firstly, as a volunteer and, later, as an employed archeologist at the Greek Ministry of Culture on many archaeological projects in Dodecanese islands. At the present time I am in chief of ‒at a very hard time for researching at Greece‒ an archaeological excavation at Rhodes where important architectural and mobile findings are revealed dated from the Classical up to the Byzantine period. As well as, I am a PhD student at the University of the Aegean working on pottery material from Northern Dodecanese. To sum up, my undergraduate education was more than valuable to me in order to fulfill my career goal.