Chrysanthi Tiliakou graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She received her Master’s Diploma in Trilingual Translation from the Linguistics Department of the Faculty of Psychopedagogical  Sciences of the University of Mons- Hainaut in Belgium. She obtained her doctoral diploma with honors from the Faculty of Education of the University of Western Macedonia. Her dissertation was on “Classical Item Analysis for language tests in the context of multilingualism in education and towards the development of language proficiency of Greek speaking and Turkish speaking bilingual students of Public and Minority Schools in Greece”

She is a  tenured member of Specialised Research and Teaching Staff at the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, specializing in the area of Second/ Foreign Language Teaching. Since 2019 she has been teaching as a member of Adjunct Academic Staff in the Hellenic Open University in the master’s program Language Education for Refugees and Migrants.

Her research field is Validity and Reliability and issues of fairness in Second/ Foreign Language assessment as well as Learner Corpora. She is currently engaged in postdoctoral research in the Laboratory of Informatics, in the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, where she examines Learner Corpora (using specialized software) consisting of written production of Greek L1 EFL Learners, aiming at analyzing their Interlanguage in their course of acquiring the Target Language  in order to reveal lexical characteristics or other (pragmatic, semantic etc) . She takes part in international scientific conferences with papers in the area of Second Language Teaching and publishes articles in journals, and conference proceedings.

She teaches Scientific Terminology Issues in International Relations and in International Organizations (in English), Literacy and Language Course Design, Issues of Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Second/ Foreign Language Teaching in DMS. She has taught English as a Foreign Language for years mainly in Primary, but also in Secondary Education as well as in Foreign Language Centres. She has also taught English Terminology and English for Specific Purposes in the Agriculture Department of the former Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, in the Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, in Institutes of Vocational Training as well as in the Tourism Institute of Vocational Training of Macedonia. During her time in Primary Education she worked for years in Minority Primary Schools in Thrace, Greece.

Indicative Publications

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