The Department of Mediterranean Studies was the starting point of my later academic career. My choice to study at the DMS and more specifically in the Linguistics of the Southeastern Mediterranean Division, was completely conscious as I wanted to gain more knowledge on the subject of Linguistics. For this reason, the DMS was my 5th choice for study after the Panhellenic exams.

I graduated from the Department of Mediterranean Studies in 2008. Then, thanks to the very high level of knowledge I received from the Department of Linguistics, I was accepted with a Scholarship of Excellence (Utrecht Excellence Scholarship) in the postgraduate program MA (Research) Linguistics of Utrecht University, specializing in experimental psycholinguistics of second language acquisition. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in bilingualism (PhD Linguistics and English Language) at The University of Edinburgh with a scholarship from the UK Research and Innovation Arts and Humanities Research Council.

There is no doubt, that the knowledge gained from the Department has helped me cope with both the requirements of the doctoral program and the tutoring of the undergraduate courses. I am very proud to be a graduate of the Department of Mediterranean Studies!