Egyptology Research Group – Aegean Egyptology

Egyptology at the University of the Aegean


The Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean is the only Department of Greek universities that has been serving  the science of Egyptology since 2002 by offering specialized courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level and carrying out innovative, interdepartmental research programs and educational seminars in collaboration with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes and with the contribution of the Laboratory for the Ancient World of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Current courses

Undergraduate program

  • Introduction to Egyptology (4th semester, e-class link)
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics (5th semester, e-class link]
  • Archeology of the Near East (5th semester, e-class link)
  • Egyptian Archeology I: the Great Kingdoms (6th  semester, e-class link]
  • Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean during the Early Iron Age (7th semester, e-class link)
  • Egyptian Archeology II: Late and Greco-Roman Period [8th semester, e-class link)


Postgraduate program “Archeology of the Eastern Mediterranean from Prehistoric times to Late Antiquity: Greece, Egypt, Near East”

  • Egyptian hieroglyphics I: epigraphic and literary sources of the Middle Kingdom (first semester, moodle link]
  • Archeology of the Egyptian religion: consequential influences on the religious and philosophical systems in the eastern Mediterranean of Late Antiquity (first semester, moodle link]
  • Egyptian hieroglyphics II: epigraphic and literary sources of the New Kingdom (2nd semester, moodle link]

Open courses

  • Egyptian Archeology I: The Great Kingdoms
  • Introduction to Egyptian archeology