The Department is run by the following bodies

The Department is governed through the Assembly and the Department’s Chairman.

Chairman: Professor Katerina Frantzi
Deputy Chairman:Assoc. Professor Panagiotis Kousoulis

The General Assembly:

A. Professors and Lecturers

  1. Seimenis Ioannis, Professor
  2. Magliveras Konstantinos, Professor
  3. Karantzola Eleni, Professor
  4. Frantzi Katerina, Professor
  5. Syropoulos Spyridon, Professor
  6. Tsardanidis Charalmbos, Professor
  7. Stefanakis Emmanouil, Professor
  8. Kefala Paraskevi, Associate Professor
  9. Kousoulis Panagiotis, Associate Professor
  10. Georgalidou Marianthi, Associate Professor
  11. Kotzoglou Georgios, Assistant Professor
  12. Strimpis Ioannis, Assistant Professor
  13. Ntalis Sotirios, Assistant Professor
  14. Nikolou Kalomoira, Assistant Professor
  15. Drivaliari Androniki, Lecturer

B. Representative for the Special Teaching Staff

Regular member: Fadel Ibrahim

C. Representative for the Special Teaching Staff – EDIP

Regular member: Dr. Nektarios Zarras

D. Representative for the Specialist Technical and Laboratory staff

Regular member: Vafiadou Asimina

D. Represenattives of undergraduate students (regular and alternate)

Not represented

E. Represenatives of postgraduate students (regular/alternate)

  1. Regular member: Andreas Aggourias
  2. Alternate member: Michail Kyriakakis

Sabbatical leave: Ioannis Liritzis, professor

General Assembly in its special composition

A. Professors and lecturers

  1. Seimenis Ioannis, Profes
  2. Magliveras Konstantinos, Professor
  3. Sakkas Ioannis, Associate Professor
  4. Karantzola Eleni, Professor
  5. Syropoulos Spyridon, Associate Professor
  6. Frantzi Katerina, Associate Professor
  7. Tsardanidis Charalmbos, Associate Professor
  8. Stefanakis Emmanouil, Associate Professor
  9. Kefala Paraskevi, Associate Professor
  10. Kousoulis Panagiotis, Assistant Professor
  11. Georgalidou Marianthi, Associate Professor
  12. Kotzoglou Georgios, Assistant Professor
  13. Panagiotaki Marina, Assistant Professor
  14. Manoli Panagiota, Assistant Professor
  15. Strimpis Ioannis, Assistant Professor
  16. Ntalis Sotirios, Lecturer
  17. Galantomos Ioannis, Lecturer
  18. Nikolou Kalomoira, Lecturer
  19. Vlachou Evangelia, Lecturer
  20. Drivaliari Androniki, Lecturer