Laboratory Of Mediterranean Politics (Presidential decree 188-GG 177 t.A” 2/8/2000)

The Laboratory of Mediterranean Politics accommodates for teaching and research needs in matters of Euro-Mediterranean Relations and international politics with an emphasis on relations of the European Union with Mediterranean countries. Its main objective is to cover the department’s needs as well as the needs of the rest of the university’s departments in the undergraduate and postgraduate level, in matters which involve the activities of the laboratory. (article 2, par.1 of PD)


Director: Professor Ioannis A. Seimenis
Specialised technical and laboratory staff: Eirini-Maria Kourouvalaki (on leave)

The laboratory of Mediterranean Politics is located in office A.23 on the first floor of the “7th March” campus building. Professor Esra Danacioglu, head of the Department of Political science and International Relations of Yildiz University of Istanbul, completed her research project in this laboratory whilst on sabbatical leave.

Doctoral theses

As part of the research carried out in the laboratory and under the supervision of Professor I.Seimenis, the following graduates have completed their doctoral theses here:

  1. Dr Miltiadis Makrigiannis, in matters of Parliamentary Diplomacy
  2. Dr Konstantinos Fotiadis, in matters of analysis and processing of data from satellite images with algorithms in cooperation with the Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean.
  3. Dr Stergios Malakis, in matters of minority populations in the Balkans.
  4. Dr Damianos Sakas, in matters of strategy and communication.
  5. Dr Agapitos Xanthis, in energy matters in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  6. Dr Sofoulis Tataridis, in matters of Greek-Turkish relations.
  7. Dr Antonios Samouris, in matters of the Islamic movement in western Europe.
  8. Dr Marina Terzi, in matters of strategy and communication.
  9. Dr Georgios Noulas, in matters of parliamentary diplomacy.
  10. Dr Christina Loe, in matters of tourism
  11. Dr Aglaia-Eleni Louizidi, in matters of security in tourism

Phd Candidate Konstantinos Seitis is currently supporting the laboratory’s projects by contributing to its educational objectives.

International cooperation projects

The head of laboratory professor I.Seimenis has participated in the Joint European Projects of the European Committee:
i) Educating public administration staff for Poland’s admission in the EU.
ii) Administration reform in universities of Serbia.
iii) Creation of a European Studies’ program and founding of an institution in the Law School of the university in BanjaLuka.

Students’ theses

The activities of the laboratory include the completion of theses for undergraduate and postgraduate students under the supervision of Professor I.Seimenis.

Student training program

The laboratory’s student training program of the Department of Mediterranean Studies has been scheduled with the cooperation of more than 40 host institutions for students until 2014. More specifically the International Relations Division is cooperating with the following institutions:

  • Greek Centre for European Studies
  • Ministry of foreign affairs/Diplomatic Academy
  • Aegean Institute of the Law of the sea & the Maritime Law
  • The Foundation for Mediterranean Studies
  • Chamber of Commerce of the Dodecanese
  • Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) of the Dodecanese
  • University of the Aegean-Faculty of Humanities
  • Municipalities and Regional governments (trainee proposal)
  • Banks (trainee proposal)

In the past there was also a cooperation with the Greek Parliament and the International Centre for Black Sea Studies.

Contact Details
Tel: 22410 99382, 22410 99383 (Fax)

A presentation of the Laboratory of Mediterranean Politics has been published in the “Guide of Research Laboratories of the University of the Aegean” which was released by the Office of Mediation of the University of the Aegean, under the Rectorship of Prof. Andreas Troumpis.