Laboratory Of Environmental Archaeology, LEA (Under Law-148-Α-4.6.2002)

Since 2002 LEA has offered a significant education and research work in the University of the Aegean, contributing to students to become acquainting with the new modern trends of archaeology and choose a carrier in new research topics.

Professor A.Sampson with two years post doc in the lab. of Environmental Archaeology of the Department of Prehistory του Sheffield, started with collaborators Dr N.Drivaliari (geoarchaeologist) and Dr F.Megaloudi archaeobotanist, and for several years was the only Lab of Environmental Archaeology in Greece.

Several students graduated well equiped from the Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Division of Archaeology, chose for postgrad studies abroad in particular to the Department of Prehistory of Sheffield University and were specialized in archaeozoology and archaeobotany.

Today an era with economic crisis these specialist archaeologists are working steadily on this subject on a contract basis studying excavation material unearthed from excavatios carried out by the Departments of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and of foreign archaeological Schools in Greece.

In LEA during the 12 years of functioning offered to students interdisciplinary courses taught by expert staff, while at the final year they made a practical course of 2 semesters.

LEA has in its property comparative collections of charred crops, animal bones, fishe bones, human bones and shells. Also, material from excavations of prehistoric sites comprised of seeds and animal bones and remaining material of sieving that contained bones and fish scales, microfauna and fractals of lithic artifacts.

Significant is also the small archaeological collection of selected broken parts of ceramics and stone tools from the excavations and other research. The students have the opportunity to examine these samples on stereoscope a prerequisite knowledge for their participation in the excavations.

Each year LEA organizes visits to archaeological sites of Rhodes, in particular the two caves at Aghios Georgios (Kalythies) and Koumelo, The students under the supervision of Prof Sampson and Dr Drivaliari and other external collaborators are getting experience in the study of stratigraphy and the techniques of sampling.

LEA has direct collaboration with the Lab of Archaeometry regarding dating, analysis, sampling.

Εach reported publication & research activity presumes approval by the Director of the Laboratory..

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