My name is Elpida and I am the chairwoman of the non-profit organization MeXOXO of California, America, where I am also currently residing. I have a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Mediterranean Studies as well as a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the Hult International Business School of Boston.

The University of the Aegean, more specifically the Department of Mediterranean Studies and its academic staff defined my career choices from the very beginning and inspired me to follow my dreams. The Department of Mediterranean Studies gives its students the opportunity to acquire knowledge in linguistics, archaeology, international relations and to learn three languages (Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic).

Impressive as it may sound it is also difficult, however this variety in courses and languages broadens your horizons and encourages you to realize that you can do anything you want in life, despite your previous experiences.

I sincerely thank the University of the Aegean for the communication of valuable knowledge and experiences and I hope that the new students will have a great time in beautiful Rhodes, acquire knowledge and love whatever they do.

Elpida Kokkota